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Due to the very short publication time, extreme care has to be devoted to the formal processing of the paper. A paper of an inadequate form might be rejected from that reason. An author is requested to submit a PDF version of the paper together with the MS Word document (or LaTeX archive and source files) in order to simplify handling the paper.

Note: Please do indicate „Special issue April 2014“ in the cover letter during the online submission.

A Special Issue on Advances in Radar Systems and Their Applications

April 2014

Guest Editors:

Dr. Jurgen Sachs (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany)
Prof. Dusan Kocur (Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia)

Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR) is remote sensing approach using properly selected waveforms and antennas to transmit electromagnetic energy into a specific volume in space to search for targets. Objects (targets) within a search volume will reflect portions of this energy back to the radar. Then, these echoes are processed by the radar receiver to extract target information such as range, velocity, angular position, shape, and other object identifying characteristics. The outlined basic principle of the radar operation combined with the newest achievements of electromagnetic wave theory, RF technology and antennas, signal processing, applied mathematics and computer science has brought quit a number of not only traditional but also completely new applications of radar systems. Today, radars are the pervasive systems applied in fields such as surveillance, defence and security, meteorology, medical imaging, airborne and space based imaging, automotive safety, civil aviation, crop monitoring, forestry and biomass estimation, and many others. This is a call for papers on the latest advances in radar systems and their applications for a special issue in Radioengineering Journal.

The following topics should be addressed in this issue:

Manuscript submission:    2 December 2013 15 November 2013
Notification of acceptance:    22 January 2014 15 January 2014
Final manuscript submission:    15 February 2014
Special Issue release:    1 April 2014