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Call for Papers

Special Issues of Radioengineering

Call for Papers [PDF]

A paper is requested being submitted online via Radioengineering journal submission system. The manuscript has to be prepared in MS Word or LaTex in Radioengineering Publishing Style.

Due to the very short publication time, extreme care has to be devoted to the formal processing of the paper. A paper of an inadequate form might be rejected from that reason. An author is requested to submit a PDF version of the paper together with the MS Word document (or LaTeX archive and source files) in order to simplify handling the paper.

Note: Please do indicate „Special issue December 2014“ in the cover letter during the online submission.

A Special Issue on Applied Computational Electromagnetics

December 2014

Guest Editors:

Prof. Andrzej Karwowski (Silesian University of Technology, Poland)
Assoc. Prof. Pavel Hazdra (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) deals with the art and science of numerical methods for solving equations governing electromagnetic phenomena. The beginnings of the application of numerical methods to electromagnetics date from the early 1960s. Over the past fifty years CEM has evolved from a subject of research to an indispensable tool used by engineers every day in the design process. CEM has played a crucial role in the advancement of antenna, microwave, communication, radar, and metamaterial technologies. Although to much of the world computational electromagnetics is invisible, almost every electric and electronic device in use today has been designed in part through CEM. Fifty years or so of CEM deserves special attention, and the Editorial Board has decided to release a Special Issue of the Radioengineering journal devoted to computational electromagnetics and its applications.

This call for papers presents in the following a list of suggested topics for the Special Issue, although contributions in other areas of computational electromagnetics are encouraged and will be considered:

  • integral equation-, differential equation-based computational methods
  • hybrid methods and multi-physics modeling
  • low-frequency methods, asymptotic and high-frequency techniques
  • fast and efficient algorithms
  • high performance computing, parallel and heterogeneous CPU/GPU computations
  • modeling of antennas and sensors
  • modeling of RF and microwave devices
  • EBG, FSS and metamaterial applications
  • computational bioelectromagnetism
  • EMC/EMI applications
Manuscript submission:    15 September 2014
Notification of acceptance:    20 October 2014
Final manuscript submission:    10 November 2014
Special Issue release:    December 2014