Guidelines for authors

There is need of corresponding authors registration in the Radioengineering Journal Submission System. Any further access is guaranteed by using login and password. Manuscripts are required being online uploaded in Radioengineering Journal Submission System as documents of MS Word for Windows, or can be prepared in Tex. In both cases, a PDF-version of the paper must be submitted altogether.

In case of any questions or problems with the registration and online submission procedure, please contact Editor-in-chief. By the act of submitting a paper to the Radioengineering journal, all authors express their assent to the Copyright transfer published at

Papers are accepted for publication in English only. A paper, which is accepted by the reviewers for publication and which meets the Radioengineering Publishing Style, is usually published within six months. Authors are not encouraged to resubmit declined papers.

Papers are understood being the proper vehicle for the presentation of thorough engineering work of archival value, including both advances in the state of the art, theoretical and experimental, and tutorial information. Contributions of a theoretical nature should show a specific application of this field. The authors warrant that their contribution is original.

Manuscripts strictly have to match the Radioengineering Publishing Style. The detailed templates (Word, Tex) and the exemplary Radioengineering papers are available at the website of the journal After paper revision in accordance with review comments, the manuscript of the revised paper is required online in electronic form prepared in MS Word for Windows (with figures and tables included within the text) or in Tex. The zipped file must contain all source files including figures and tables together with the corresponding PDF file of the paper.

The example document with proper styles can be downloaded here:

Template DOC Template TEX