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Guidelines for Reviewers

Information for reviewers

The reviewer is responsible to both the author and the journal editor regarding the manuscript. The reviewer should provide in-depth and timely (finished within a month) review and his/her comments should be transparent to the editor and author(s). A time frame of one month should be adhered in order to avoid delays in publication of the paper. If the answers provided by the authors in response to the reviewer’s previous comments are insufficient, the reviewer may request completion. Therefore, the reviewer should accept a paper for review only if the topic of the paper falls within his/her area of expertise.

The review must not be influenced by nationality and/or religious of the authors and reviewer, nor by commercial interests. The reviewer is not allowed to use the information in the reviewed paper for his/her own benefit or for the benefit of any other person. The information contained in the article is confidential.

Reviews are completed online by filling a pre-prepared questionnaire. The reviewer can attach and upload one pdf supplementary file. If the invited reviewer is not able or does not want to review the paper for any reason, he/she should immediately communicate his/her decision to the editor by selecting the appropriate option in the online submission system. All reviewers are anonymous unless the reviewer decides to sign his/her review.

For each finished and submitted comprehensive review, the reviewer can apply for a discount of 40 EUR (1000 CZK) for his/her own paper submitted to Radioengineering Journal (i.e., the article where he/she is the main author or co-author). The discount should be asked for after the final acceptance of the reviewer’s paper, by email sent directly to