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September 2003, Volume 12, Number 3

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J. Dobes, J. Michal [references] [full-text] [Download Citations]
Using the Variable-Length Arithmetic for an Accurate Poles-Zeros Analysis

In the paper, a reduction algorithm for transforming the general eigenvalue problem to the standard one is presented for both classical full-matrix methods and a sparse-matrix technique appropriate for large-scale circuits. An optimal pivoting strategy for the two methods is proposed to increase the precision of the computations. The accuracy of the algorithms is furthermore increased using longer numerical data. First, a ORQJ.GRXEOH precision sparse algorithm is compared with the GRXEOH precision sparse and full-matrix ones. Finally, the application of a suitable multiple-precision arithmetic library is evaluated.

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T. Dostal [references] [full-text] [Download Citations]
Filters with Multi-Loop Feedback Structure in Current Mode

Universal multifunctional (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-reject and all-pass) nth-order active RC filters in current mode are presented in this paper. The filters are based on several multi-loop feedback and state-variable structures. Their modification and implementation using multi-output transconductors (OTA) and current followers are given.

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